Sütiş Emirgan About Us

We get the milk that we use in our milk puddings from dairy farm daily. In our milk puddings we use 60% water buffalo’s milk 30% cow’s milk and 10% goat’s milk.

We obtain cheese directly from the place where it is produced. We get white cheese from a special farm in Ezine which makes its production especially only for our company. Similarly, we select the best quality tulum cheese from Erzincan, aged kaşar from Gelibolu directly at their place and serve to you.

All of the jam we serve is supplied from a firm which is based in Adapazarı as the first branded organic home-made jam producer in Turkey. All the jam is produced without using any additive, preservative or thickener. What makes it so tasteful is the fruit itself in it.

We add pleasure to taste...
We obtain our meat from calves breeded in Artvin and Susurluk regions. Their slaughter and shipment operations are done in accordance with high quality and hygiene standards. After the arrival of meat, they are left to rest for five weeks. During this period its taste increases.

When roasting our döner we use charcoal which has no harm to health.

Our tea which is specially picked at the first harvest of the year in Rize is served after being rested in our warehouse for one year.

We bake our bread on our own. It is made by using sourdough and does not contain any additive. Myxes are prepared by our bread master by using traditional methods. By means of 24-hour-operating oven at all hours of the day and night, we serve hot and fresh bread to our guests.