Delicious natural products

Sütiş Farm is established on a 50 thousand square meters of land in Vize District of Kırklareli, Turkey in 2010.  Beginning its activities with 200 buffalos and cows, today our farm has 400 bovine animals which yield 3 tons of milk every day. We produce our milk desserts as well as Halloumi cheese, string cheese, plaited cheese, kasseri cheese, butter, buffalo clotted cream, buffalo milk and buffalo yogurt with the buffalo and cow milk we produce daily in our production facility established on 8000 m2 area in Beylikdüzü.

  • Made with 100% milk from our own farm.

    Vitamin, mineral and protein contents of buffalo milk is higher compared to other milk types. One cup of buffalo milk every day is a natural energy source. We bring our skills in Sütiş Farm and Buffalo milk together. We introduce the buffalo culture which gets its taste from its natural properties to our guests.